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Microbial Platform
Yoshioka no sato

Corporate identity

Our corporate identity is God is in the detail.

Our missions under our identity are following two;


  1. Attention to detail=Delicacy is a one of biggest strength of Japan and Japanese.


    Japanese people makes “Cha-Do” from how to drink a tea or “Bu-Do” from how to fight.

    “Do” means what master all deeds in the detail.

    It is easy to master 80% of the process but very difficult last 10-20%.

    The last 10-20% takes same time or more than first 80% of the process, and it needs not only time but also training and practice to master the detail.

    We believe that master of the last 10-20% makes a definite difference.

    Our vegetable is not only delicious but also good shape and color, fine flagrance and special efficacy like Antioxidant effect.

  2. We acknowledge that God is watching our every deed.

    To get such a good vegetables delicious, good shape and color, fine flagrance and special efficacy, we must make our farm beautiful at first and keep our tools fine condition.

    To keep our farm beautiful, we must keep our mind beautiful and quiet at first.

    Our Opponents are not only customers but also Gods and ourselves.

    We will do our best in detail.